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We are a small vegetable farm that began in 1980 with our first planting of one (1) acre of Burpee Hybrid Cantaloupes. My wife Loraine, daughter Regina, and sons Hans and Jubal, along with 3-4 local teenagers, harvest 35-40 acres of preminum home grown vegetables each year. There's no doubt the weather God sends is the biggest defining factor to our success or failure from season to season. On cold - rainy seasons we wonder sometimes about our chosen profession. But..... on hot - dry seasons with adequate moisture, we feel blessed to be able to make a living with our small farm opperation. Also, in the fall, we have a large and diversified selection of "Fall Decoration" products: Pumpkins, Gourds, Corn Stalks, Straw, Squash, etc. Loraine's beautiful and large selection of mums is a sight to behold. Stop by and visit us during the growing season if you can. We are commited to producing the best in-season produce that we are able to with: (1) Crop rotation. (2) Plowing down of green manures such as Rye, Turnips, Rape, Kale and Calente Mustard. (3) Irrigation. (4) and the responsible and limited use of fertilizers and insecticides. Think global-----eat local. John Bayer.....Bayer's Melon Farm Market

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