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We are a family-owned and operated farm located near Strasburg, VA. It is our goal to provide nutritious food that you can enjoy, and feel good eating! We raise our animals in healthy, chemical-free environments, and supplement their pastured food with GMO-Free grain from a local mill. Our crops are grown organically, and our bees are raised organically as well, though we are not organic certified. Our meat chickens and turkeys are raised on fresh pasture grasses; our laying hens are truly free-range having full access to our entire property; our bees make honey from nectar and pollen and not from high fructose corn syrup; our breads are made with freshly-milled flour we mill ourselves; and our low sugar jams are made with only a little honey added to the fruit. We also have A2/A2 Jersey cows and a raw-milk herd share available. We offer pasture-raised chickens and turkeys, raw milk herd shares, homemade breads, free-range eggs, and organically grown fruits and jams.

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