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Countryside Produce is located in the heart of the Amish community in Lagrange County. We are a co-op of local Amish growers who are committed to raising high quality produce without the use of harmful chemicals. All our co-op growers farm biologically by building up our soils using compost and cover crops. This practice makes for healthier, disease-free plants and better tasting, more nutritious produce. Because we are Amish, we still farm with horses. Our farm power is more earth-friendly, with no harmful exhaust emissions like our tractor farming friends. We also do not use any GMO (genetically modified) seeds or plants. We are committed to farming chemical-free as we care about what our customers eat. We have a 20 week CSA subscription program from late May until mid-October. Each week you will receive a "share" of our produce at very reasonable prices. We also have eggs, meat, and dairy shares available. In addition to our produce, we have homemade Amish baked goods such as bread, cookies, pies and canned fruits/vegetables available for order. Our members are invited to a field day at a working Amish farm although we welcome a visit any time. The field day includes a traditional Amish haystack supper, homemade ice cream, buggy rides, and other hands on events.

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