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Welcome to DeyDey's. My granddaughter was the inspiration for our Beef Business name. As she was eating one of my gourmet burgers, she exclaimed, "DeyDey you have the best beef ever!!!" Nadine, my best half, and I immediately thought, wow that is the name we want to use. It says what we are about, high quality, healthy good tasting beef. That said, we also raise chickens. Our small farm is located in the Santa Rita Apellatia Wine area just west of Buellton. When we started we searched far and wide for those elements that create good beef. We start out with excellent genetics: Lowlines. Lowlines are a derivative of Angus, a breed well known for tenderness and marbling. Lowlines are 60% the size of Angus, finish well on grass (i.,e. marble well), are gentle and weather periods of drought and other natural stresses better than their larger counterparts. Add to that those grasses that make the cows taste good, IMF determination prior to harvest to insure our beef will grade "Choice" (USDA Quality Standard), low stress handling and transportation and vacuum packing and freezing for long lasting freshness and you have our quality program in a nutshell. We grow all the food for the cows ourselves (pastures and hay) and feed not grains, animal by products, or use antibiotics or hormones. You can visit us on our website for more information and locations where to obtain our beef. Our chicken is all organic and pasture raised. We proudly follow Joel Salatin's methodology and view him as a great modern hero of farming. If our website doesn't answer your questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

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