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Located in the rolling hills just outside the town of Glade Spring, this one time dairy farm covers 62 acres which is now home to our Arabian horses and organic gardens. Having gardened for many years, Case Country Road Farm expanded six years ago and started selling organically grown vegetables at the Glade Spring Farmers Market, another local market and restaurants. Many raised beds and field beds filled with topsoil and compost plus the plentiful supply of composted horse manure provides the ideal medium for a wide variety of vegetables. Further expansion has been completed in adding additional beds and conversion of an old chicken coup into a greenhouse to extend the growing season and support the many herbs and vegetables grown from seed. The items sold at the Glade Spring Farmers Market include potatoes (specialty fingerlings), squash, beans, garlic, pickling cucumbers, eggplant, okra, canteloupes, watermelons, pumpkins, tomatoes (heirloom varieties), back raspberries, various pepper varieties, snow peas and herbs. Most of the vegetables are grown from certified organic seed. In 2010 we added a cool room in order to maintain the high quality of the just-picked fresh produce. We welcome the opportunity to grow vegetables to order. Please contact us in late winter or early spring to make arrangements. We also encourage internships and wwoofers, and can accommodate up to four. During Spring, Summer and early Fall, produce can be picked directly at the farm. Children welcome - come see and pet the horses!

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