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Howdy! Autumn Winds Farm was founded by myself and my parents in 2008 as a hobby farm and has since become a business that serves my family as well as other families in beautiful Northern Michigan. This farm started out with the sole purpose of growing and raising healthy food for my family. Food without chemicals or antibiotics. Naturally raised-as Mother Nature intended- good, wholesome, and natural food. As I forged deeper into understanding how and where our food comes from in America, the more I came to understand how the best and healthiest food is where a farmer chooses to grow WITH nature and not against her. This is a step away from how we as a nation have been growing our food over the past century. Instead of spraying chemicals and killing the good insects along with the bad, and genetically altering our seeds and animals- I see myself and this farm as a preserver of the integrity of a safe and healthy food system as Mother Nature designed. The pay isn't much, but the benefits to my soul and overall well being are immeasurable! I grow all of my food using organic practices with the intent that healthy soil makes healthy, hardy plants which make healthy, safe vegetables. Raising livestock and poultry meant getting animals out of confinement and let them truly be pasture raised where they forage to their hearts content-making them a healthier animal and healthier meat product for my family and customers. Overall, my farm produces vegetables such as mixed salad greens, tomatoes, cukes, and more! We also raise pastured pork and poultry down on our farm. We also host birthday parties, educational tours, and do a haunted walk and Fall Fun Fest every October! We hope that you will come out to see how your food is raised and grown. I do not raise or grow anything I am not comfortable feeding my own family. We hope to see you soon at Autumn Winds Farm in Kingsley! ~Desirae and Ellen Dine Owners of Autumn Winds Farm

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