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B&C Christ Farms is a small family farm in the town of Kendall NY owned and worked by Butch and Cindy Christ along with our daughter Elizabeth and her family. We do not use any GMO Geneticlly modified seeds what so ever and sow our seeds directly in our greenhouses or in the fields for all our crop production..We use no pesticides on our farm but we try to follow organic practices. Our Summer/Fall Csa is in its 9th year. We offer a early pay discount until March 1st.. Our Csa runs for 23 weeks starting in June and running thru November. We are excited about the upcoming year and have added some great new varieties for our shareholders such as heirloom tomatoes, Organically grown garlic small fruits and vegetables. Along with our summer Csa we offer a Winter/Spring program as runs December thru April and can be joined at anytime at a prorated pricing. The new greenhouse allows us to extend our season into the winter and start while snow is on the ground... We have been selling our produce at local farmers markets in the Rochester area for over 35 years. We now have 3 large greenhouses where we grow all our vegetable plants that are planted on the farm as well as a full line of vegetable and bedding plants perennials herbs and hanging baskets. We raise grass fed beef on our farm and have a herd of 35 head....Available for purchase all year long. We are adding a bakery this season and an annual farm to table dinner for our customers. We use sustainable growing methods and try to be good stewards of our farm land.

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