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We're open! Heard about genetically modified foods? Me too. Concerned about them? Me too. Remember the taste of food when you were young? Me too. Recapture that feeling. That's why I'm doing something about it. I'm growing my own food. And I'm sharing it with you. No GMO, no pesticides, no fertilizer used. Prices competitive with the big stores. Come take a tour of my garden. Take a look at the photos. It's so lush, it's incredible. Drought? Not here! Ever had fresh pasture eggs? Tasty. I'm having them on a daily basis, cooked in my solar oven. Moringa leaves, from the Moringa tree (first photo), is a must for the health-conscious and vegetarian. You can also start your own cash crop from my moringa seeds (third photo). Lucky me. Lucky you, to have found this page. I have affordable rooms, camping spaces and RV spaces for rent too. Renting a room, camping space or RV space, all this incredible organic food, that many would pay high prices for, can be available to you on a daily basis. If you have a green thumb, after a trial period, you just might have a job with us. This income won't affect your government benefits if you're receiving them. Send me an email to set up a visit. Then YOU can be lucky like me. The American Dream: tasty, nutritious food on the table and a place to stay.

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