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Situated in the heart of the Carolinas on over 14 acres in York County, SC, we are a small family farm, specializing in vertical farming, organic no-till market gardening, and curated farm gifts. Producing all natural, high-quality, premium products we proudly serve the greater Charlotte Metro. We began our journey at the beginning of 2021, spending several months researching, developing and honing new skills to create the highest quality products that cultivate family, fun and living your best life. We grow responsibly, using sustainable, all-natural methods, with a mix of old and new techniques that break the mold on conventional farming, and delight customers. We take great care and pride in ensuring our products meet the highest standards and endeavor to improve our processes at each iteration to become better each time. Providing remarkably fresh Microgreens at launch, we will expand to more crops and unique items (specialty produce, flowers, retail gifts), allowing us to offer a diverse, valued-added selection to clients who seek local, healthy, farm-to-table options.

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