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Hello everyone, I have been turned on to a VERY biodegradable planting containers about a year ago. I am promoting the product CowPots¢âÂ?ž¢ They are a biodegradable planting pot made from composted cow manure. Created by a dairy farmer in Northwestern Connecticut. Please visit their site to learn more. Your plants would not get "root-bound" like in peat pots, nor do you have to tear the pot as commonly done with peat pots. I think Cow Pots is a much better pot all-around. Note, CowPots¢âÂ?ž¢ Grow sturdier, healthier plants Go directly into the soil with the plant - fully decompose - with no throw away - encourage root development - avoid plant stress Add soil-conditioning natural nutrients to your garden Convenient and time-saving Easy to handle, odor-free and non-toxic CowPots¢âÂ?ž¢- 100% Made in the USA Reduces non-recyclable plastics Reduces dependence on foreign oil Reduces municipal waste Promote recycling of agricultural waste to horticultural benefit CowPots¢âÂ?ž¢ are also: - from a highly renewable resource - nutrient-rich I have the lowest prices and I can deliver for free with in the Columbia & Hallsville Missouri surrounding area. My prices: (12) 3" pots $4.80 (tax & shipping not included) (12) 4" pots $6.00 (tax & shipping not included) (1176)3" pots $411.60 (tax & shipping not included) (450)4" pots $202.50 (tax & shipping not included) Call for larger orders. I am the cheapest prices you will find. CWF was established in 2006, and the following year we began growing herbs and a small amount of produce for our local Farmer's Market. We found that this was something we enjoyed, and Brian began a greenhouse so we could start our growing season earlier! Terri has catering/bakery experience, so we are also planning to have a commercial kitchen constructed this year (2009). At the Market, we sell fresh and dried herbs, herb blends, breads and baked goods featuring some of the items we've grown. This year, we're expanding a bit and will also have starter plants, flowers, seeds, and handcrafted items available.

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