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Welcome to Birch Creek Ranch. We are nestled in the foot hills of SE Idaho, in a Countryside better known as Chesterfield Idaho. Birch Creek Ranch is home to a rare breed of sheep, known as Texas Dall Sheep. Although these majestic creatures are not native to this area, they have adapted very well. We take great pride in our livestock, feeding, breeding and the overall care of our herds. Here at Birch Creek Ranch, we specialize in marketing/raising lambs for meat for our customers' freezer, which is processed at a federally inspected facility(customers choice). We can sell you an entire lamb dressed and packaged, or individual cuts of meat. Meat can be picked up at the farm, or delivered locally. Our meat is also sold at the Pocatello Co-op and at the Farmer's Market in the mall located in Pocatello Idaho.

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