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Our farm is small but our products are big in flavor, texture and nutrition. We supply restaurants, markets, our farm stand and with high quality fruits and vegetables. We employ bio-intensive practices including compost tea) to increase the life of our soil. We prefer to use seeds that we have grown. We feel that the plants become acclimated to our local conditions and produce better crops than plants grown from purchased seed. All the seeds we use are organic unless we are unable to find an organic source. We do not grow any Genetically Engineered fruits or vegetables. To minimize our impact on the environment we do the following: 1)drip irrigation in all our fields. 2)cover crop with an inoculated legume mix and under-sew with clover. 3)Our tractor and tiller use bio-diesel. 4)most weeding is done by hand. Please call ahead to arrange a farm tour or to find out more about current products, prices and quantities available. Those interested in an internship positions should contact Allan Wilks.

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