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Wayne and Jeannette Grabe having been farming since 2008, starting the farm in an effort to return to heirloom and heritage breeds raised without chemicals, fertilizers or antibiotics. Our mission is simple: God designed a perfect and complimentary system, and ehcmicals and labs were not part of it. We aim to return to that system by balancing the mix of animals and the types of food we raise and grow so that artificial "ingredients" are not necessary. We firmly believe that many of the health problems we face today may be byproducts of the "tinkering" that has been done to our food system. We want to be part of the change. Our farm is focused on healthy meats, and we grow a small amount of produce to put our "natural fertilizer" to good use. Canter Hill raises chicken, turkey, duck, guinea hen, lambs and now pigs to provide healthy and humane options to those who want to enjoy meat and poultry, but are concerned about the source. We raise our lambs and piglets on 100% vegetarian diets. Our sheep flock is 100% grass fed, with no chemicals added! We do not use feed at any time. Our pigs forage in the forest and are fed produce scraps and "chop" to supplement what they find on their own. Poultry: Our poultry is raised on pasture, and supplemented with organic feed that is soy-free and low in corn content. Go to our website to read more about how we grow and the products (and venues) we offer.

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