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Autonomy Farms was created with the simple need of wanting something more. In our own search for seasonal produce and humanely raised beef, lamb and poultry, we realized a gap in the local marketplace. It's more obvious than ever that there is a disconnect from the farmer to the consumer; our goal is to help reconnect the two by having direct relationships within the local community. We respect nature and everything that comes with it. We grow fruits and vegetables that are in season. There is an appreciation for the natural diet of our animals and we strive to maintain that. We grow all the alfalfa and grass for the livestock because we ultimately have better control over the finished quality of meats by knowing exactly what the animals are consuming. Our poultry is free-range and pastured, simply enjoying the nutrients off the land and supplemental feed. Additionally, our hens are fed a diet partially consisting of flaxseed and fish oil which enrich their eggs with Omega 3 fatty acids. We believe in naturally raised meat, eggs and produce free of hormones, antibiotics and harsh chemicals.

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