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Beery Farms of Michigan LLC is a 95 acre farm on which I raise all-grass-fed beef and goats. The farm is operated in the Argentine grazing style using a diverse array of perennial grasses and summer-winter annuals to meet the year around forage needs of the animals. Like the Argentines, the paddocks are divided to provide both annual and perennial forages simultaneously for an always fresh high quality diet. By using stockpiling in the fall and early greening small grains in the spring, it is only necessary to feed hay and haylage during the most severe winter months. The farm has been operated organically for the past 9 years and is presently working to become both American Grassfed Certified and Animal Welfare Approved. It is located just south of Lansing and visitors are always welcome. Beery Farms, Growers and Purveyors of Only Things Grass-Fed

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