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American Alps Ranch is proud to offer you our all natural grass fed, grass finished Aberdeen Angus Beef. We raise our cattle on our beautiful ranch in the Skagit River Valley of Washington state. We are a small, family-owned ranch. No hormones, steroids, grains or antibiotics are ever used on our animals. They eat grass, the food nature intended, and drink pure water straight off the North Cascade mountains. Our Angus cattle graze freely on lush pastures in the fresh air and sunshine. This is good for our cattle, good for the environment and good for you. We use MIG (Management Intensive Grazing) to ensure the very best grass for our cattle and the long-term sustainability of our pastures. At the peak of their flavor our cattle are harvested by our local Farmer's Co-Op, which is USDA Inspected and comes to our ranch, reducing stress on the animals. Each one of our animals is individually inspected and certified by the on-site USDA inspector, guaranteeing our customers a healthy product. We strictly follow all the requirements for Organic though we are not certified. And the grass fed flavor of our beef is delicious!

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