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We are the 3rd and 4th generations on our small rural central North Dakota family farm. We follow sustainable practices with our animals and farm land. Our goal to produce good food that is good for you, in a healthy environment for our children and ourselves and our animals. Are we organic? NO, we are not certified organic, nor do we plan on becoming certified organic. We believe in raising animals the way they did a hundred years ago (before there was such a thing as organic). We believe in treating our animals humanely, in allowing them out into the pastures to eat the grass, breath the clean fresh air and to run and play as they want. We raise cattle, goats, lambs, laying hens, butcher chickens, laying ducks and sometimes turkeys. Our grass-fed cattle are fed NO antibiotics and growth hormone implants. We sell our USDA inspected grass-fed beef by the package, quarters, halves or straight from the farm 'on the hoof' when available. Chevon (goat meat) is ready in late fall, whole animals or by the package. Butchered chickens are also available in the summer and fall months by pre-order or from the farm. Farm fresh eggs are for sale most of the time. We also sell baked goods: Biscotti and Artisan breads, made with my farm fresh eggs of course~ Mostly in the summer months. I have developed several biscotti recipes over the past 20 years, it sells in 7-8 oz. nice heat sealed packages. Biscotti flavors include: basic almond, chocolate almond, christmas (aka: pistachio/craisin), white chocolate orange almond. We deliver locally or the product can be picked up on the farm or attend the Jamestown Farmer's Market. We also let people buy meat 'right off the farm' !

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