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Browntown Farms, the 348 acres, was founded June 13, 1908 by my grandfather Sandy Brown and his brother-in-law Collins Jackson. They purchased this property for $1,200.00 and paid $1.50 for the tax The farm is located in Southside Virginia and was a market for local residents for eggs, milk, butter, fruits and vegetables, as well as meats.. In 1912, the farm was divided with other family members leaving my grandfather with114 acres . Tobacco became the biggest cash crop and remained so for many years. I am a third generational farmer and retired from protective services. I initiated a pilot program of vegetable farming for two years. I have had success with this endeavor and my customers have repeatedly classified my produce as first class. I have built a chicken house and raised approximately one-half acre of produce. This year I have decided to expand my business and become a part of the Community Supported Agriculture Program.

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