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DS Family Farm raising healthy grass based poultry and beef for your family. Located just west of Lincoln, Nebraska. 100% grass-fed, "pasture grazed beef", no grains and no GMO forages. Cattle spend their entire lives on tallgrass prairie and woodland pastures. Free range beef, never confined to a feed-lot. Herd movement mimics nature's process of soil and prairie regeneration. Cattle always have access to fresh grass in a continuous planned motion across our pastures. Fresh pasture allow us to raise cattle without antibiotics. We do not treat our cattle with supplemental hormones or any kind of pour on pesticides. No broadcast chemical based fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used on our pastures. Beef and Poultry harvested from actively growing native prairies and processed at local USDA plant. Visit our online product catalog for currently available cuts and minimally processed items such as 100% grass fed hot dogs, brats and beef sticks. E-mail or call for specialty products and availability of custom beef and poultry orders. Beef harvested from our tallgrass native prairies, averages an Omega 6:3 ratio of 1:1.4 Poultry raised using Joel Salatin portable shelter method, fed locally sourced non GMO grains, no soy, no corn in the feed.. Product delivered to your home in the Lincoln and Seward Nebraska area. Also available on the Nebraska Food Coop or pickup at the farm. Healthy soils, healthy prairies, result in healthy animals for you, your family and our community. Let us know about your need for clean food. Visit us on-line through our website/blog, FaceBook "DSFamilyFarm" or Instagram. You will get a feel for our farm, animals and production methods. Contact us for a farm visit to see the animals in motion!

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