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The two brothers - Derek and Gavin Burseth have developed Burseth Farm into a goat milk soap business with their Alpine goats. We have developed our own goat milk soap recipe which creates a great lather and excellent moisturizing bar of soap. We love making goat milk soap and enjoy making the best goat milk soap for our family and your family. Our goat milk starts with our alpine goats, green grass, alfalfa, and nature. We love our goats who provide the main ingredient to our great soaps and lotions - creamy fresh goat milk. The soap we sell helps maintain our animals and our farm. Everyone has their specialty from milking the goats, making the soap, cutting the soap, drying the soaps, labeling each soap, shipping soaps, and working farmer markets, craft shows and more. Our family is environmentally conscious and keep our packaging simple. Give your precious skin a gift by trying one of our fabulous, naturally handcrafted goat milk soaps or lotions.

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