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Baseline Farm raises grass-fed beef cattle in an organic, regenerative manner. We are a cow/calf to finish operation, where calves are born every spring and grow until they are big enough for eating (about 30 months). The cow herd is made up of heritage breeds; mostly Ancient White Park cattle, a rare English breed that's white with black points. The herd is moved every day to a new paddock and provided with free choice organic minerals. Hay is fed during winter. We are in the 5th year of transitioning the farm land from a history of conventional row crops to perennial pastures. Quarter beef (and half/whole) shares available NOW! We have appointments scheduled for finished steers every month through the end of the year. $4.25/lb hanging weight halves and whole beef, $4.50/lb quarters, plus processing cost. Send email to [email protected] to get signed up. Beef can be bought "by the cut." USDA inspected and vacuum sealed. Ground Beef $8/lb Roasts $8/lb (Chuck, Arm, Round) Steaks $10-$20/lb (Flank, Skirt, Flatiron, Sirloin, NY Strip, Ribeye) Tenderloin $28/lb Also: Shanks (soup bones), Bones for broth, Suet, Liver, Heart, Kidney.

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