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Fresh Brown Chicken eggs, Free Range, Free of any chemicals or hormones, Fresh Quail Eggs, Hormone/ antibody free live quail & chicken for butcher, Live chickens for butcher, Balute on request, Live Rabbits for Butcher, Quail wings for dog training, Coturnix Quail Year round for Dog Training or Butcher, Chicken Feathers, Bobwhite Quail Coturnix Quail, Chukar, Bantam Chickens, Show Chickens, Fresh Farm raised Pork Free of any chemicals. Rabbit Manure for Fertilizer, Chicken manure for fertilizing, All natural fertilizers, Hatching Eggs, Custom Egg Hatching, Preorders for live hatched Bobwhite or XLD'1 Jumbo Coturnix available year round, NPIP Cert, Kansas Egg Sales License, Kansas Gamebreeders License Only can sell live animals for butcher Unfortunately due to our crazy laws we cannot butcher or sell the butcherd animals!

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