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Grass-fed and grass-finished lamb, non-gmo, organic (but not certified), sustainable and holistic. The Finnsheep is a heritage breed sheep known for its delicate flavored meat, milk and fleece. At Black Moose Ranch, we focus on raising our lambs in a stress free environment on our lush green pastures. We are social with our sheep, spending time every day to scratch them and make sure that they are healthy and happy. This not only creates a relaxing, stress free environment for our sheep, it also insures that we know the health of each member of the flock. They have constant access to large pastures and we use a rotational grazing system to help control parasites and keep the land healthy. There is zero overcrowding and plenty of room to roam as sheep are meant to do. When summer ends and the pastures stop producing grass, normally around October, the lambs are at their best weight, tenderness and flavor, ready for harvest. This is not a part that we enjoy, but we do our best to insure that it's a completely stress free experience for each lamb. The lambs don't leave the property on a crowded truck to a loud and scary slaughterhouse. Instead, all processing happens on our property, with each lamb protected from seeing what's coming. Not only is this kind and humane to the lambs, it increases the quality of the meat since few stress hormones are released. We rest easy knowing that we provided a great life for each, from start to finish. We sell whole lambs based on the hanging weight (after the skin, skull and innards are removed, leaving just the meat/bones) and you tell the meat cutter how you want your lamb cut and packaged. If you've never done it before, don't worry! They have all of the questions to ask, such as "How many people are in your family?" (so they know how many chops to put in each pack.) and "How thick do you want each chop to be?" (they will tell you what is "typical" if you aren't sure what you want.) "Do you want the bone in for your leg of lamb or would you like us to remove the bone for you?" You pay us based on the hanging weight of the lamb (see our website for current pricing) and you pay a flat fee (normally around $90) to the meat cutter. Then the meat cutter calls you up when your lamb is packaged based on your instructions and you pick it up! To order, please see our website a

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