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What we feature is a wide array of old, rare heirloom grains that are struggling to show us that they have nutrition, flavor and history that is unrivaled by modern day mono-crop varieties. Grains have been hybridized and worse yet, genetically modified so that they will resist herbicides or resist disease all in the name of higher yields. Rest assured that God does not approve of his grains being modified by man! He has naturally placed varieties on every continent that resist disease and out grow weeds! The flavor and health of modern grain have been lost...BUT many of the rare and old varieties are still available! We are planting many varieties in an effort to bring them to market for anyone who wants to use natural, unadulterated, heirloom grain for baking, brewing or breakfast cereal. Aside from wheat we are also growing out some varieties of Barley and NON GMO soybeans.

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