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A Man and His Hoe specializes in mother-hatched, mother-raised, prime quality heritage breed chicken. These are chicken who rummage through pasture, gardens, and woodlands all day long scratching for earthworms, bugs, eating vegetation, seeds, berries, and the occasional field mouse. I supplement their diet with certified organic feed and grains. They are raised with a density of no more than 50 chickens per acre. They take four to nine months to mature, and their meat is dense and moist. You won't find chicken like this anywhere else. Everyone else is trying to get chickens to put on as many pounds as quickly as possible. My emphasis is on letting chickens grow at their own pace and having a wonderful life. These chickens are raised by their mothers who soon after they are hatched, take their chicks all over my five acres, teaching them how to be chickens. They get lots of exercise and enjoy a rich, full life, and their meat reflects the incredible life they enjoy.

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