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Copper-Creek Minis @ Dawn Star Ranch

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We are a small family operated hobby farm that specializes in raising unusual Heritage breed livestock including MDGA/TMGR registered Miniature LaMancha dairy goats, ADGA LaMancha dairy goats, and Buttercup poultry. We offer products for sale from time to time such as goats milk soaps, lotions, handmade felted products, and more!. In our garden we have a variety of culinary herbs, rare heirlooms, and edible flowers. We are not Certified Organic or Kosher, however great care and consideration is taken in the husbandry of our garden. Fertilizer is supplied by our goats/sheep. Pesticides are not used on our plants, and natural weed deterrents/barriers are used to keep our plants healthy. Only certified NON-GMO & ORGANIC seeds were used for our parent plant stock, seedlings/plants are started from our own saved seeds/cuttings. Our goats and sheep are not fed animal bi-products, and we do not raise/nor have we ever raised swine on our property. Our animals are allowed to have access to pasture, but are supplemented with local mountain grown grass/alfalfa blend hay, and are kept in large pens to keep them safe from predators. More information about our Homestead can be found on our web page. ++ Farm Gate Sales of started plants for the garden, Fresh Cut Herbs, and other farm products are available on a seasonal basis. Supplies are limited!

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