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Cowgirl Meat Co raises all natural pork and beef. We are a family operation located in Livingston Montana and are passionate about the ranching lifestyle and the meat we raise. Our cattle are born and raised on the historic Mission Ranch and are certified Black Angus. We keep our grass-finished beef until they are two years old and from the time they are born they never leave the ranch until they go to processing. Our cattle graze on fresh, naturally managed pasture and high quality, nutrient-rich hay that we grow ourselves. They have access to fresh water year round. We do not give any antibiotics or added growth hormones to our cattle. If they are sick, we give them the necessary medicine, but they are then sold through a different avenue. We offer both grass and corn finished options for beef. We raise our pigs in small batches. They live in a paddock with a barn and are able to roam around freely outdoors. They are exposed to fresh Montana air and are touched by humans daily as part of our children's visit to feed the pigs. Our pigs are fed a ration that is vegetarian, antibiotic, and hormone-free. Our pork is processed just thirty miles from the ranch. We offer our beef by the cut, eighth, quarter, half, or whole. All steaks are individually packaged with easy to read labels. Ground beef is packaged in convenient, easy to use 1-pound portions. We offer different pork packages including a Breakfast Package, BBQ Package, and Family Package. We also offer pork and beef combo packs. Please contact us to talk about our pork and beef and find out more! Read more about us on our website and make sure to like us on Facebook!

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