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Persimmon grove is certified organic by CCOF. This fruit is the fuyu variety of persimmons, which is naturally sweet even when still firm. Raw, Dried fruit: Fruit is rinsed, sliced and dried at low temperatures (below 120 degrees) to retain maximum nutrients. Fruit harvested in winter, slices available in winter/spring. Raw Pulp: All seeds are removed and the pulp is immediately frozen with no other ingredients added. Pulp can be used in all sorts of recipes, including bread, cookies, pudding, smoothies, etc. Due to its frozen nature, we ship orders in cold packs by Express mail no later than Tuesday of each week. Organic Preserves: Raw (uncooked) and processed conserves are available. Raw jam contains persimmon pulp, white chia seeds, lemon, agave syrup. Fuyu conserves contain persimmon pulp, whole valencia oranges, lemon, cane sugar.

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