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Downtown Harvest CSA is an initiative begun in 2004 by members of OLC, (Our Lady of Czestochowa Church) who want to enjoy fresh, organic produce, grow a more direct relationship with our community (Jersey City, NJ) and the earth, and source and foster sustainable agriculture. We hope that people expressing the desire for membership in the CSA will share these values and appreciate a deeper, spiritual connection to the earth. Community Supported Agriculture is defined as a group of people who join together to help financially support a small-scale, local farmer in exchange for nutritious and fresh, organic produce. We have chosen John Krueger of Circle Brook Farm as our farmer. Not only do we intend to help grow a farmer's crops by financial means, but we also aspire to grow our relationship with the farmer by understanding his ecologically-sound methods of farming and challenges, and by building new friendships. In exchange for the support of our members, our farmer commits to: 1)Deliver weekly fresh produce throughout the season. Members understand that there are no guarantees of production since each year's growing conditions are different. 2)Ensure the crops are weekly harvested as close to the pick-up times as possible so that members receive the freshest possible produce 3)Ensure optimization of the earth's natural resources.

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