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An alpaca farm nestled in the mountains of WNC. Our farm is based around a hundred year old cabin where these beautiful creatures graze and greet visitors with their big brown eyes and curious nature. Known to eat from your hand each member of our herd has their own name and personality. They will gladly visit with you and make your soul smile. Fortunate to be watchful stewards of the rare and beautiful Suri alpaca, they comprise only 6% of the total world population of alpacas. Bred for distinction. It is all about the fiber. That glorious Suri fiber. Shearing finished for this year and a wonderful selection of raw fleece, roving, yarns, and rugs are available. . As a small farm we take get strides in making sure our clients have a strong footing in the industry. We gladly impart information from husbandry to business planning to poop scooping. All questions gladly addressed. We will hold your hand as long as you need and will always be available to answer any and all questions. Please feel free to contact us and arrange an appointment to visit our farm, our animals, and see the many products that have been produced from their luxurious fiber. During the growing season you will find us growing vegetables, fruit, and composting. GARDENER'S...Compost is ready. The temperature is just right. She has been carefully attended throughout the winter. The plentiful worms have done their job. We practice sustainability with all our products and sell the bounty at the farm. And...WE HAVE BEES... Blue Ridge Honey has added twenty hives to the farm. Bees are a buzzing. Thank you to Bob and his crew.

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