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Cedar Rock Gardens is an 13.5 acre farm located in Gloucester, Massachusetts right on Walker Creek. We grow a large variety of vegetables on 2.5 acres of land utilizing crop rotation schedules and cover crops to ensure good soil practices. We sell our vegetables at our retail stand on the farm and also do deliveries to restaurants in the area and we distribute seasonal produce through our CSA. We currently have about 7,300 square feet of heated greenhouse space that we grow herbs, vegetables and annual and perennial flowers for our plant nursery for sale during the planting season from mid April until September. We start all the herbs and vegetables and some of the flowers from seed and grow everything on our farm using organic practices. We are committed to providing a healthy and beautiful choice to our community in both the floral and food industry and invite you to experience the local difference.? Only environmentally-sound and organic growing techniques are used at Cedar Rock Gardens. You can always rest assured that our farm produce and flowers are safe and wholesome, with a freshness that guarantees good nutrition (and the best vase life for our bouquets). We use organic fertilizers and pesticides; We are currently not certified as 'USDA Organic? but our practices follow organic guidelines. Elise and Tucker Started Cedar Rock Gardens from the ground up in 2014. The land had been used for animals in the past by the Smith family and was unused for many years before vegetables were introduced to the land. Slowly and steadily Tucker and Elise invested many many hours and all their savings to create a vision that was set on one end goal - provide the community with an option to choose good local and seasonal food, fresh from the soil. As the years went on goals were achieved and setbacks made for some creative work. A seedling nursery was added to the mix because it made sense for food lovers to be able to reach over their own garden gate for a fresh tomato or bundle of basil. The CSA has been extended into the winter months a few seasons now for anyone interested in greens from the greenhouses and new tactics are always being thought up to become more efficient and more conscientious of the soil and the environment.

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