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Ben Wever Farm has been continually family farmed for 200 plus years. That's sustainable agriculture. The latest generation to take the reins are Shaun & Linda, from Ben Wever. We are not a CSA. You are are welcome to purchase what you need, when you need it. Although we do sell to select stores, delis and bakeries, our farm supporters prefer to visit the farm, checkout the latest farm excitement and select their own USDA meat cuts, eggs, & honey. The farm is a conception to consumer operation which means our livestock spend their entire lives on the farm. We raise Angus cattle, Kathadin sheep, American Guinea Hogs and a variety of poultry on Adirondack pasture. We make use of our ranch horses when we want a better view of the mountains, Boquet River or Lake Champlain with the stock dogs, Rueben & Finn. We make use of non lethal predator control in the form of Regina, Omar, & Enzo, the livestock guardians. As it says in the bible all flesh is grass, so you can imagine how much pasture and hay it takes to keep everyone satisfied! Our vegetables and fruits have become "accessory" items to our premier meats. Nothing finer than a red ripe juicy tomato on a Adirondack grassfed burger. We love our farm and our community and we wish to share its' bounty with you. We host farm tours for groups, 4-H, FFA, Girl Scouts, etc. We have joined HipCamp & offer primitive camping on the river. We will always consider the right person/s for an internship. Riding lessons available. See you all soon.

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