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Brookview Beef...Naturally Raised, Grass-Fed, Devon Cattle from Brookview Farm. Brookview Farm is a 600 acre cow/calf and grass finishing farm located 6 miles east of Lexington, Kentucky on the Clark and Fayette County line. The farm is owned and managed by a family partnership between Monnie Gay Long, her son Jacob Douglas Gay Owens, his wife Jenny Owens and their two sons Walker and J. Owens. In 2006, Brookview began a new chapter in its' rich history with the acquisition of 15 registered Devon heifers and a young registered Devon bull (Lakota's P116) from the Lakota Ranch in Virginia. Since then, they have added more registered stock as well as expanding into a herd of commercial Devon females. Brookview Farm feeds only grass and hay in its operation, using rotational grazing in the management of its pastures. We never use antibiotics, steroids or added hormones in our animals. Steers in the finishing program are marketed under the name Brookview Beef, which was founded in 2009 by the Owens family. Brookview Beef specializes in providing the local Lexington community with the most choice cuts of our premium, grass-finished beef.

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