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We are offering heritage breed Berkshire pork. Pastured raised, non GMO, no corn. You can purchase whole or half a hog for $5 lb hanging weight, plus processing costs. Processing starts at .70 lb for basic cuts, additional fees for smoking and curing, sausages, etc.. $150 non-refundable reservation for whole or half. Next availability- Late summer 2018. Call for further info. Also available. Meat rabbits, live $15, processed $25 Georgia Giant Quail fertile eggs $6 dz (Available Spring 2018) Plymouth Barred Rock chickens fertile eggs $4 dz (Available Spring 2018) All of our animals are antibiotic free and non-medicated.We keep the hogs, chickens, and goats on fresh pasture all of the time. We are not yet Organic Certified but are following those practices to gain certification.

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