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ALPACA PILLOWS: STOP SLEEPING ON TOXIC PILLOWS! MY ALPACA PILLOW FROM USALPACA COMPANY uses 100% natural alpaca because of its properties. Alpaca fiber has a semi-hollow core, deterring dust mites, the leading cause of asthma and allergies in the bedroom. This porous alpaca fiber creates an extra insulation value for a constant balance of temperature when we are in contact with it. Unlike wool, Alpaca does not contain lanolin, it is hypoallergenic and does not itch or prick like wool. And, Alpaca is the original GREEN LIVESTOCK! ALPACA IS NATURALLY FIRE RESISTANT -NO TOXIC CHEMICALS NEEDED! Toxic chemicals are used widely in the mattress industry today, and their long-term effects are worrisome. Scientists have particular concerns about their effects on the developing brains of children, and of subjects tested for styrene, a full 100% were found to have styrene in their fat cells and they could NOT find a single lactating mother who did not test positive for these chemicals in her breast milk. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have described toxic chemicals in the environment as a "silent pandemic." Pregnant and nursing moms, and families need our pillows! IF YOU CHANGE ONLY ONE THING TO MAKE YOUR LIVES HEALTHIER IT SHOULD BE YOUR PILLOW. Don't you want your family to Sleep on a Safe and Healthy Pillow? Stop breathing in the fumes of dangerous toxins while you and your family sleep. Go to to order. We also offer our 100% Alpaca blankets loomed by Pendleton! Sleep healthier, create a healthier home. We have got to get back to natural products in our homes-the man-made products are poisoning us every day, and we die in fires because of these toxic materials before firemen can get in to save us! Please contact us today at or and read the "ABOUT US" page to know our story. Learn why we are so passionate about our products. We are alpaca farmers and have a great passion for alpaca, which is the leading US industry to bring back the textile mills and support a healthy organic and natural sustainable living economy back in America. Start with your home, to keep us healthy and safe from unneeded chemicals we need to get back to the family farm, and all-natural products. Keep your family safe and keep it USA Made! COME VISIT THE FARM STORE! Interactive Tours with the Alpacas. The USAlpaca Company is about to be launched on Glenn Beck's Marketplace as one of the top 50 small businesses in America!

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