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Blue Pepper Farm is a small, human-scale, pasture based farm in Jay, New York. Look for us at the Keene Valley Farmers Market on Sundays through the summer of 2013 with the freshest and tastiest organic chicken around. We raise Barred Silvers, a different breed of chicken with way more flavor than the standard commercial bird. They live happy lives in fresh air and sunshine on the pastures of Blue Pepper Farm as they peck through grasses and bugs. We supplement their diet with certified organic feed so you can rest assured you won't get a side of chemicals and genetically modified organisms with your favorite chicken dish. It can't get much better. Come see us and try one for yourself! We also sell fresh eggs from our pasture raised hens. We also supplement our flock of layers with organic grain. We have a self-serve refrigerator on the porch stocked with chickens and eggs. Come by anytime and help yourself! Please write what you buy and leave your cash in the jar.

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