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What do a couple of humans, a herd of grass-fed Angus cows, a flock of hair sheep, a hutch of rabbits, a sty full of well-fed pigs, a flock of Heritage chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, a covey of quail and pheasants, a flock of guinea fowl, and a stand of California and Brazilian pepper trees have in common? We all share a 22+ acre family owned and operated ranch. Our farm animals are fed no Hormones, Steroids, Incremental Antibiotics, Genetically Modified Organisms or Soy. Cows and sheep are provided pasture on and around the farm, with lots of natural desert growth during wet seasons, and some "stubble" during the very hot months. High quality Alfalfa, Bermuda, Oat or Barley Hay are fed throughout the year. In addition to grass, pigs and fowl are fed a proprietary blend consisting of grasses, vegetables, fruits, minerals and supplements. Chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and turkeys forage for bugs as they roam naturally around the farm. In addition to USDA inspected individual cuts of meat, custom processed sides of beef, lamb and pork are available, as well as a USDA inspected mixed-meat CSA. Beef and pork available in whole, half and quarter sides, with Lamb available in whole and halves. Join us at a local Farmer's Markets in many areas of San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Counties. All of our delicious tasting meats sold at Farmer's Markets are USDA inspected. Go to website for listings. We also offer pastured and free-range chicken, duck, goose, guinea fowl, quail, and turkey eggs. COMPOST: To recycle animal excrement and make potting soil for our local customers, we make compost year round. TOURS: Farm tours are available by a link on the farm website. Individuals, schools, scouts and other groups are welcome, and most generally pack a lunch to spend an afternoon and really enjoy the visit. Feed the pigs, chickens, rabbits, lamb or other critters, while dodging animal "land mines" that are EVERYWHERE! We'll even let you "muck" out individual stalls if you'd like to get the real farm feel! Tours are scheduled periodically, on a reservation system, "first-come-first-served." They may also be requested via the website.

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