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The first trees were planted in 1963 by Mr.Brown. Our orchard is a pristine and balanced ecosystem. No chemicals,fungicides,herbicides,etc. have been applied in the orchard for the last 20 years. We have 5 varieties of pears and around 12 varieties of apples. We make our own cider and our cider is not filtered or pasteurized and no sugar added, in 1 gallon of cider there is over 15 lbs of apples. We also have a Sweet Sparking Cider Bar so come on over have a glass of cider and just sit and enjoy the orchard. Our Orchard is home to mixed Dorper sheep which is a mild tasting lamb and of course our sheep are only feed on grass and apple, pears. This years 2011 Harvest you pick special is , you pick 1, 5 gallon bucket of apples or pears and the 2nd one is free, which is about 50lbs of fruit @ .50cents per pound.

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