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We are a small natural an organic farm just starting out with CSA 2011 we hope that we are able to make this work for every one. We have heritage breed spotted pork, veggies organic grown no pesticides full or half shares available 18+ veggies with herbs and peppers, early fall peaches. Pork is sold at $3.48 lb Quarter, one half, three quarters and 1 full are available. Black Angus beef $4.65 grass fed and grained every day we love the tenderness and taste. We now have piglets after liter is born email for info also French black copper maran chicks will be ready mid February-October. Fresh honey in the fall email early we sell out fast! We are looking for a work trade for food, we lost our pt help after 4 years, you work on the farm mostly in the garden area each week and we give you fresh food and discounts on meat in the fall. We except vacation times with family so we can work around your schedule, if interested send me an email and add your contact info I will give you a call. Newbies are good some one that wants to learn and has great ideas!

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