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Chestnut Farms is a family-owned and operated livestock farm in the heart of MA. We raise all natural, hormone and anti-biotic free livestock. Our grass-fed beef are grown exclusively on pasture and hay to ensure a rich, wonderful flavor and high levels of Omega-3. Our York, Hampshire and Duroc pigs are pastured and petted while being fed only a natural grain diet - never any garbage. Our lambs are born in the spring pasture where they are allowed to nurse and frolic with their mothers. We also raise our own offer pastured poultry including chicken and turkey. Chestnut Farms offers shares in our meat CSA. Each month members receive a mix of "daily" cuts of meat (ground beef, stew meat, chicken, sausage) cuts and "prime" cuts (steaks, bacon chops, boneless chicken breasts). We use small artisean USDA slaughterhouses in order to ensure a high quality harvest of our livestock. For more information visit our website

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