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Common Wealth Farm is a family-owned and operated poultry business specializing in raising and processing pastured chickens on our farm. We process our chickens from May to November in our state-licensed facility on site and provide whole and parted chickens, Cornish hens, poussin, quail, turkey,and possibly other fowl and game birds, to farmers' markets, co-ops, restaurants, and stores in Maine from Bangor to the mid-coast. Our pastured, free-range, non-GMO chicken eggs and duck eggs are available year round. Our quail eggs are seasonal, summer only. We follow sustainable practices and use no chemicals on our land. Our meat chickens eat a supplement of organic feed - no antibiotics, hormones, or anything artificial. When available, chicken and eggs can be purchased at our farm. We now have wildflower honey available from mid-summer to fall.

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