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Applegarth Farm has been raising animals naturally and humanely for almost forty years. Quality of life has been the driving force behind my practice and my decisions. My philosophy involves creating a pleasant life experience for those animals who give their lives for our food. My products are hormone free, sunlight enriched and free ranged. When medical treatment is needed I use natural and herbal remedies, homeopathy and reiki. I use allopathic practices as a last resort and only when I deem it necessary for the humane treatment of the individual animal. At Applegarth, a visitor will find friendly goats, sheep, heritage cattle, heritage hogs and horses. I also produce poultry and fresh eggs. Customers purchase a "share" of a meat animal - rather than a few preferred high-end cuts. It has long been my belief that since an entire animal has to die to produce any meat, the consumer needs to be willing to consume from the entire animal. A 'family share', for instance, provides half a steer, half a hog, one lamb and 20 fryers. One may purchase a single hog or a side of beef, 5 meat chickens - whatever amount is wanted or needed by the customer. All orders must be placed in March or April to ensure availability. Applegarth offers breeding stock from our British White Park cattle and cross breeds as well as Tamworth piglets for sale. Additionally, we carry fine silver grey wool yarn and white fleece. My stoneware studio is also here at the farm; visitors will be able to see the pottery and make purchases if desired. All work is hand thrown on a potter's wheel and fired in an electric kiln. My clay and glazes are lead free, non-toxic and dinnerware safe. Visitors will also be able to see our 24 panel solar array at work. Applegarth Farm is open for farm and studio visits by appointment. Guests are welcome to see for themselves the difference quality of life makes.

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