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Connolly Ranch, located in southern San Joaquin and Alameda Counties, is a family owned and operated cattle ranch providing all natural, all grass-fed beef direct to consumers. For over 135 years and through five generations Connolly Ranch has served as good stewards of the land and has a long history or working with government and universities on habitat restoration and research projects. Connolly Ranch Natural Beef is from our Black Angus herd. Animals are born and raised on Connolly Ranch on open range land until they are gathered on horse-back for harvest. Other than milk from the cow, Connolly Ranch Natural Beef calves graze only on nature's grasses. They are never kept in a feed lot and are not fed any corn or grain to finish them. We supplement with only salt blocks and occasional locally grown hay primarily when we gather or if annual grasses are low due to drought. We do not use any hormones, implants, antibiotics or grain and our cattle are not fed any supplements with animal by-products. Current veterinary and animal practice guidelines are followed to ensure cattle are healthy, well cared for and humanely treated. Our beef is young and lean, and the cuts smaller. We sell cut, vacuumed packaged, frozen and boxed grass fed beef locally only. When we say Locally Raised, All Grass Fed, All Natural, we mean it. Check our web site or email us for information about how to order Connolly Ranch Natural Beef.

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