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Here at Broody Hen, we believe in farming the way it was meant to be. We use sustainable methods in all aspect of the farm.. No chemicals, outside of vaccinations for the pets, are used on our farm. Nature is perfect just the way she is and we farm in cooperation with her different moods. Water and soil conservation are practiced using compost, heavy mulches, natural insect control and rain water collection. The chickens here are on the endangered breed watch. We have Jersey Giants and Brahmas, Americaunas that give us jumbo eggs, Buff Orphingtons and Golden Wyandottes: not to mention the new arrivals Coocoo Morans which lay chocolate brown eggs. We also have Geese available in the fall for the famous Christmas goose. All the poultry can be found roaming aimlessly around the farm at all times. They live off of grazing and insect/seeds in the summer with a little grain and are fed normal crumble rations in the winter. We practice humane treatment of animals at all points of their life. There are numerous bee hives that secure our fertilization of the vegetables and watch over the orchard. A full array of different berry bushes are being propagated. Black, white and red currents will be offered to any member that enjoys them along with elderberries, gooseberries, cherries and josta berries. When in doubt, we have a recipe for you. Let's enjoy natures bounty together.

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