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RRBG Farms is USDA Organic Certified and GAP Harmonized Certified. We are a 5th generation family farm that began in 1862 with 40 acres as part of the resettlement under the New Deal to grandmother Dola Shipman. The remaining land was obtained by grandfather John Shipman at $1/acre. He worked it out by farming peanuts, corn, cotton, cane syrup and selling rocks. The rock was used to structure Highway 51 North and South prior to paving it. My father, Cleveland Shipman farmed the land his entire life. He produced cotton, peanuts, corn, hogs, cattle, and a variety of vegetables. Pecan trees planted by grandmother Dola Shipman produce many pecans still today. We currently produce South African Boar goats, a variety of chickens and ducks. We grow pink eyed purple hull peas and white field acre peas during the summer as well as leafy greens year-around: Georgia Collard Greens, wide leaf and curly leaf Turnips, purple top turnips, mustards, red and white radishes, onions, head lettuce, Romaine lettuce. We specialize in all holiday occasion gift baskets and balloon bouquets.

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