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Berglorbeer is German for mountain laurel. Farma is Slovak for farm. We chose the name, in part, due to our heritage, but most importantly, because we are getting back to our roots, literally and figuratively. The old, traditional ways are the future. No chemicals, just sustainability. Owned by David and Kristin Sewak, Berglorbeer is a sustainable farming and services operation committed to providing you with ways and means toward a better life by providing the purest products and most effective services. If you're looking for high quality, organically grown, heirloom produce, and personal service that is designed to help you lead a greener life, and save some green, you've come to the right place. We offer the best in gourmet mushrooms, tabletop mushroom gardens, heirloom vegetables, native landscape plants, rain barrels, and other products, as well as consulting services, such as how-to workshops, publications, and sustainable design.

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