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After reading the "Little House" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder to my children in the summer of 2009, my family embarked on a pioneering adventure of our own. We bought some land, built a cabin, purchased some chickens, solar panels, a myriad of how-to books and somehow "on a wing and a prayer" began a small self-sufficient homestead. Part of having a homestead meant that we all had to learn a lot of traditional skills that were long lost from past generations, and that is how I stumbled on the miracle that is soap making. My first attempt was a disaster! I used a Teflon pot and as you might imagine...the magical chemical process of making soap stripped the Teflon from my pot and embedded little black specks of failure in my beautiful batch of snow white soap. Lucky for you, I don't give up easily. Now, almost three years later, I have many batches of soap and techniques under my belt. That enables our family to bring you a wonderful, natural, product made with our own hands right here on our "Little House on the Prairie." Our soaps come in three varieties. The first is our Goat Milk Soaps, crafted with milk from our own small herd of Nigerian dwarf goats. Oh...and one Mini Nubian...."Shug" would hate it if I left her out! The second variety is our 100% all-natural Rain Water soaps. We use only vegetable oils, no animal products; Carolina rain water from our homestead, and only the purest essential oils. That's it! You can't get more natural that that! Our third variety is called "Soap Cakes" because they are sweet, fun and full of creativity! The name jumped out at me one day while listening to my "Nanny" tell one of her friends that they needed to buy a "cake of soap" from me! Some have unique fragrances like Pineapple Cilantro, while others are swirled with unique natural colorants like a soap we call "Uwharries" which captures the deep orange soil, rich verdant pines, and powder blue skies of this area. Some are made with interesting ingredients like our Creamy Coconut that is made with organic coconut milk, not to mention the dreamy summer fragrance of coconut! These three soap varieties allow us to produce bars that meet every one's needs from sensitive skin to playful tub times! Soap is a meaningful part of our lives and after you've tried our wholesome, hand-crafted products, we hope it will become a meaningful part of yours too! So, "It's time to stand!" Get on your soap box and take a stand for natural products, shopping locally and sustainable business practices! Better yet, take a stand and buy from A Wing & A Prayer Farm at our local farmer's market this Spring and Summer! We'll be at the Montgomery County Farmer's Market in Troy, NC and the Stanly County Farmer's Market in Albemarle, NC beginning in April.

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