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Our family has been growing citrus in the Ojai Valley for over 100 years! Throughout this time our operation has gone through a lot of changes, expansions and cuts as well as shifts in the varieties of fruit we grow and how we sell it. We truly are a small family farm, operated by 4 family members, 4 employees, as well as the input of the our new fifth generation of tangerine eaters (little Matthew, Andrew, Mariana, Oliver and Celeste)! We specialize in tangerines, growing over a dozen varieties from old-fashioned Dancys to new types such as the seedless Shasta gold. Ojai has a very unique microclimate, resulting in suburb flavor development of citrus. Although not certified organic, we do implement organic practices such as the use of biocontrols for insect pests and composts to improve soil tilth. We also try our best to offer our employees a living wage in high priced Southern California. We attend many farmers markets in Southern California year-round. We also sell directly from our packinghouse on Tuesday and Friday mornings (7am to noon). During our busy season, January to May we sell mailorder on our website. Our goal is to grow, pack and sell the best fruit we can that you, the consumer, demand. We hope you find our fruit as delicious as we do!! As the customer, you ultimately decide what we grow and sell. We always appreciate your input.

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