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We are on a small scale farm, raising grass fed/pastured: beef, chicken and goat meat. We have irrigated pasture with the finest and healthiest legumes and grasses for our animals to eat. After reading and educated ourselves about grass fed meats we decided to make good use of our pasture. Our animals are on a rotational, healthy schedule on the pasture. We are currently raising registered Angus cows, some White-faced cows, registered Boar goats, and chicken broilers along with some laying hens. We continue to add to our pasture by cultivating in healthy grasses and legumes to assure the health of our animals, which in intern provides for healthy vitamin/protein enriched meat. In the future we intend to open our farm to schools and the like to help better educate the public on the importance of getting back to the farm. If people knew where their meat came from when mass produced they would be appalled and shocked; not only at the treatment and conditions of the animals, but how unhealthy the meat actually is.

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