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Our Ranch Our ranch is located near you in Battle Ground, Washington. We are a small, local producer of natural pasture fed beef for the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA region. We enjoy raising and grazing our herd on this beautiful piece of heaven, tucked away in the Cascade foothills. The landscape is rolling hills, with abundant grass and clover fields, and lots of trees all around us. All the pictures on our website are from our ranch at different times of the year. A Superior Product We raise our beef 100% pasture fed. Our cattle receive a diet of fresh pasture and are supplemented with highly nutritious, local grass and clover hay, during the winter months. Our animals have access to fresh grass all year round and are not confined. Additionally, although we do not sell organic meat, we do follow organic practices. As such, we avoid the use of antibiotics on any animals, and our fields are fertilized naturally with cow manure & compost, instead of chemical fertilizer. In addition, we raise Red Angus and Black Angus cattle with blood-lines that have strong tenderness, natural/lean marbling, and thick muscling traits. Our cattle are slaughtered at an ideal time frame for tenderness and size, always finishing them on fresh green pasture. Our farm fresh beef is also aged properly at the butcher, resulting in superior taste and tenderness. Our Philosophy The goal of Basket Flat Ranch is to provide our family and the greater Vancouver/Portland community with delicious tender beef, raised naturally on grass pastures, free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMO�??s. We sell to discerning customers who value knowing exactly where their food comes from and who value knowing that the animals were treated humanely. We operate in stark contrast to industrialized farming, which has brought lower quality meat and the health problems associated with it to the average American dinner table. Our goal to provide an alternative to the feedlot beef cattle sold at the supermarket. We do this not only in order to raise the best-tasting, all-natural, pasture-fed beef possible, but also for our family's health and for your family�??s health as well.

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